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We are working to solve the biggest equity gaps through unique brand + community partnerships.

At BDC we are shifting the current brand narrative surrounding diversity, equity and inclusion - from internal, corporate philanthropic efforts to investments for brand growth. Because brands thrive when the diverse communities they serve, thrive and prosper along with them.

The following are the equity gaps we are currently focused on addressing:


Health Equity

Addressing social determinants of health can absolutely have a positive effect on health equity. However, there are many health disparities that can be more quickly erased by focusing on key cultural and linguistic barriers that inhibit open, honest, and unbiased conversations between patients and HCPs across the healthcare journey. Proactive, culturally-calibrated programs and mission-centric partnerships can go a long way to removing longstanding barriers to health equity.


Economic Equity

Economic advancement among minorities is critical in order to achieve a more equitable, stable, and sustainable future for all. While many factors have historically limited economic mobility among diverse communities, much can be done to address the most acute barriers. Through financial literacy programs, workforce and entrepreneurship training, and greater access to financial products and services, we can absolutely make cross-generational wealth a reality for millions of minority families within our lifetime.


Educational Equity

There is a strong link between economic equity and educational equity among minorities in the U.S. From lack of access to quality education and resources to rising costs and systemic biases within the system, barriers can perpetuate inequalities and result in minority students being less likey to attain higher levels of education and limit their career opportunities ― perpetuating a cycle of poverty and inequality. By working to address these issues, we can reduce educational disparities and close the minority wealth gap once and for all.

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